You cannot download the Covid-19 Green Certificate (Green pass)? Report it to us*

The Covid-19 Green Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health in both a digital and printable format and is automatically generated on the basis of the daily data reported by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces at the central level. Once the information has been collected, the National Platform of the Ministry of Health issues the Certificate (the timing for the data transmission and generation of the Certificate may vary according to the type of health service). Problems may arise in the data transmission process that do not allow the correct issuance of the Green Certificate. Before sending the notification report, check if you fall into one of these cases:

I have not received (I have lost) the code to download the Green Certificate
You can retrieve it yourself from the Covid-19 Green Certificate website (
The codes to download the Green Certificate are:
AUTHCODE - Unique vaccination against Covid-19 code: the date of the event is the date of the last vaccination
CUN - Unique national molecular swab code: the date of the event is the date of collection of the test
NRFE - Electronic report number of the antigenic swab: the date of the event is the date of the collection the test.
NUCG - Unique Recovery Certificate number: the date of the event is the date of the first positive test.

I am not registered with the National Health Service
You can download the Green Certificate simply by entering your tax code (or the identification data you provided at the time of vaccination) and the date of its administration

* Both residents in Trentino as well as those non-residents who have had at least one vaccination dose administered in Trentino, who have carried out an antigenic or molecular test here or have obtained a recovery certificate here, may send a notification report.